The Great Unknown: Seven Journeys to the Frontiers of Science

The Great Unknown: Seven Journeys to the Frontiers of Science Author Marcus du Sautoy
ISBN-10 0735221804
ISBN-13 9780735221802
Year 2017-04-11
Pages 464
Language English
Publisher Viking
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Brilliant and fascinating No one is better at making the recondite accessible and exciting Bill Bryson A captivating journey to the outer reaches of human knowledgeEver since the dawn of civilization we have been driven by a desire to know But are there limits to human knowledge Are some things beyond the predictive powers of science and the capacities of the human brain Or are those challenges the next big discovery waiting to happen In The Great Unknown one of the worlds most brilliant mathematicians takes us into the minds of sciences greatest innovators as he probes the many mysteries we have yet to solve From the very large to the very small from the distant future to the deep past from the complexities of the human brain to the infinities of mathematics Marcus du Sautoy invites us to join him on a journey to the seven frontiers of knowledge the outer edges where scientists are actively grappling with the unknown Can we locate consciousness in the brain What is dark energy made of Can we speak of time before the Big Bang Is it possible to predict the future At once exhilarating and mind bending The Great Unknown will challenge you to think in new ways about every aspect of the known world Du Sautoy reminds us that major breakthroughs were often ridiculed at the time of their discovery and invites us to consider big questionsabout who we are and the nature of Godthat even the most creative scientists have yet to answer definitively

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