Strong Hearts Are Mandatory: Heart Of Glass (Volume 1)

Strong Hearts Are Mandatory: Heart Of Glass (Volume 1) Author Teelia Pelletier
ISBN-10 0998851302
ISBN-13 9780998851303
Year 2017-04-11
Pages 256
Language English
Publisher Phia Studios
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Strong Hearts Are Mandatory is a series centering in an animal dominated land known as Media All of the lands residents are gifted with intelligence and a few even with the forbidden practice of magic Within the contents of Heart of Glass we follow the perspective of the main hero a little noble cat known as the Radio Star Radio is chosen to collect the fragments of a crystal heart left by a mysterious spider monkey only known as the Jester She is accompanied by two companions Pictures and Video joining her in finding the shards scattered across all of Central Media in their occupations of surveillance and courier work respectively The opportunity to find the fragments of this broken heart is Radios first chance to venture out into the world that shes only ever been able to listen to from the safety of her windowsill and she s going to make every heartbeat count She s just left to hope that Video and Pictures feel this opportunity is as beneficial for them as it is to her

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