Land of the Rising Sun: The Way of the Kurd

Land of the Rising Sun: The Way of the Kurd Author Shawket Barwary
ISBN-10 1544886381
ISBN-13 9781544886381
Year 2017-04-03
Pages 182
Language English
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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In a mountainous region snuggled between Iran Iraq Turkey and Syria lies the Kurdish people People that have fought for centuries to be free and independent In this book Shawket Barwary a Kurdish American takes you on a personal journey through the lands and people that make up this little known country In personally exclusive interviews youll have the chance to hear the words of the Peshmerga Kurdish freedom fighters in the front line fighting ISIL and other extremist groups in the area Youll get a tour through the mountains lakes and cities of Kurdistan as well as participate in the world famous Kurdish weddings Youll see how the Kurds celebrate their new year and how their generosity and hospitality has enabled hundreds of thousands of refugees from all over the Middle East to find comfort and safety in their land This book takes you through the history and culture of these incredible people and highlights the values and characteristics of a nation who holds paramount importance for the future of the Middle East region as well as the Western world Kurdistan is the newest and brightest opportunity on the horizon a land of great potential and incredible beauty Written in an authentic style this book will surely capture your interest and imagination

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