Ketogenic Bread: Low Carb Bread Cookbook for Keto, Paleo, and Gluten Free Diets with Photos and Complete Nutritional Info For Every Recipe; Loaves, Bagels, Rolls, Muffins, and More!

Ketogenic Bread: Low Carb Bread Cookbook for Keto, Paleo, and Gluten Free Diets with Photos and Complete Nutritional Info For Every Recipe; Loaves, Bagels, Rolls, Muffins, and More! Author Kiera Jenkins
ISBN-10 1542516234
ISBN-13 9781542516235
Year 2017-01-13
Pages 118
Language English
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Kindle MatchBook Buy the paperback edition and get the Kindle edition FREE TOP 50 LOW CARB KETOGENIC BREAD RECIPES WITH PHOTOS SERVING SIZE AND NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION FOR EVERY SINGLE RECIPE REGULAR PRICE 14 99 LIMITED TIME PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNT The latest research has confirmed what a small group of healthy and fit people have known for decades the secret to losing weight maintaining a healthy lifestyle and feeling great is eating a ketogenic diet Saying yes to Keto doesnt have to mean saying no to delicious bread and baked goods One of the things many Keto dieters miss most is baked goods like muffins buns pretzels and even just a warm and simple loaf of bread Fortunately there are lots of easy recipes to make delicious bread and other baked goods without using fattening and unhealthy refined carbohydrates Join the movement and reclaim your health The Ketogenic Diet is a lifestyle and an entire movement based on reclaiming our health and eating healthy delicious natural food the way nature intended Food isnt meant to be engineered by scientists loaded with chemicals filled up with highly refined carbohydrates and mass produced in a factory Food should be an honest natural and enjoyable part of life Thats why the ketogenic diet is becoming increasingly popular Not only that the evidence has become undeniable following a Ketogenic Diet can help you promote whole body health boost energy increase longevity and drop excess fat fast The ketogenic diet has also been shown to provide a dramatic boost to immune system effectiveness reduce hunger pangs increase your level of mental focus throughout the day and reduce the risk of major chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease Mouth watering recipes that bakers will love The Ketogenic diet is not a boring bland or starvation diet Eating bland and weird food might be one way to lose weight but that is not what living a Keto lifestyle is all about Let s face it if a diet isn t enjoyable sooner or later it becomes impossible to stick to Don t set yourself up for failure by giving up the baked goods you love This low carb bread cookbook lets you have it all by maintaining a healthy Ketogenic Diet while still eating delicious breads muffins and more Grab this book today and learn the many delicious baked goods you can make and eat at home that are 100 Keto compliant The Ketogenic diet can be fun and easy to follow but only when you know the right recipes For less than the cost of visiting a fast food restaurant you can get your hands on the top 50 low carb bread recipes in this cookbook Every recipe is easy to make requires no significant baking expertise and is so healthy and delicious you will be proud to serve these breads to your family and friends World class breads you can bake at home and serve to your family and friends with pride Master Baker and Keto enthusiast Kiera Jenkins has compiled her top 50 favorite low carb bread recipes that have earned rave reviews from thousands of Ketogenic dieters around the world Don t miss out Grab this book today at the limited time sale price and make a small investment in your health and well being as well as the health and well being of your family that will pay off huge in the long run

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