He’s Just Not That Into You (text only) by G. Behrendt,L. Tuccillo

He's Just Not That Into You (text only) by G. Behrendt,L. Tuccillo Author L. Tuccillo G. Behrendt
ISBN-10 141690977X
ISBN-13 9781416909774
Year 2009-01-01
Pages 187
Language English
Publisher Gallery
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He says Oh sure they say they re busy They say that they didn t have even a moment in their insanely busy day to pick up the phone It was justthat crazy All lies With the advent of cell phones and speed dialing it is almost impossible not to call you Sometimes I call people from my pants pocket when I don t even mean to If I were into you you would be the bright spot in my horribly busy day Which would be a day that I would never be too busy to call you She says There is something great about knowing that my only job is to be as happy as I can be about my life and feel as good as I can about myself and to lead as full and eventful a life as I can so that it doesn t ever feel like I m just waiting around for some guy to ask me out And most importantly it s good for us all to remember that we don t need to scheme and plot or beg anyone to ask us out We re fantastic For ages women have come together over coffee cocktails or late night phone chats to analyze the puzzling behavior of men He s afraid to get hurt again Maybe he doesn t want to ruin the friendship Maybe he s intimidated by me He just got out of a relationship Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo are here to say that despite good intentions you re wasting your time Men are not complicated although they d like you to think they are And there are no mixed messages The truth may beHe s just not that into you Unfortunately guys are too terrified to ever directly tell a woman You re not the one But their actions absolutely show how they feel He s Just Not That Into You based on a popular episode ofSex and the City educates otherwise smart women on how to tell when a guy just doesn t like them enough so they can stop wasting time making excuses for a dead end relationship Reexamining familiar scenarios and classic mindsets that keep us in unsatisfying relationships Behrendt and Tuccillo s wise and wry understanding of the sexes spares women hours of waiting by the phone obsessing

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