Frankenstein Author Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
ISBN-10 1545329826
ISBN-13 9781545329825
Year 2017-04-13
Pages 138
Language English
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus is a novel written by English author Mary Shelley that tells the story of Victor Frankenstein a young scientist who creates a grotesque but sapient creature in an unorthodox scientific experiment Shelley started writing the story when she was 18 and the first edition of the novel was published anonymously in London in 1818 when she was 20 Her name first appeared on the second edition published in France in 1823 The novel Frankenstein is written in epistolary form documenting a fictional correspondence between Captain Robert Walton and his sister Margaret Walton Saville Walton is a failed writer and captain who sets out to explore the North Pole and expand his scientific knowledge in hopes of achieving fame During the voyage the crew spots a dog sled driven by a gigantic figure A few hours later the crew rescues a nearly frozen and emaciated man named Victor Frankenstein Frankenstein has been in pursuit of the gigantic man observed by Walton s crew Frankenstein starts to recover from his exertion he sees in Walton the same obsession that has destroyed him and recounts a story of his life s miseries to Walton as a warning The recounted story serves as the frame for Frankenstein s narrative

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