Berserk, Vol. 17

Berserk, Vol. 17 Author Kentaro Miura
ISBN-10 1593077424
ISBN-13 9781593077426
Year 2007-06-05
Pages 240
Language English
Publisher Dark Horse Manga
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Warrior supreme Guts the Black Swordsman has seen better days and more popular in the kingdom of Midland a land he once defended as captain of the Band of the Hawk But the Hawks were betrayed and slaughtered and now the hyolier than thou Holy Iron Chain Knights have captured Guts and plan to whip some repentance into him literally But Guts isnt so easily held at bay at when he manages to escape with the Holy Knights leader Farnese as his hostage the demons that are drawn to Guts Brand of Sacrifice are all too willing to show her the teeming darkness in her own soul

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