Awaken and Rise

Awaken and Rise Author Brian J Lidle
ISBN-10 0998677507
ISBN-13 9780998677507
Year 2017-04-16
Pages 230
Language English
Publisher The Brian Lidle Company
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John had the American Dream but he never lived his dream John is a successful leader who achieves greatness while building his lifes legacy His commitment to making a difference and to live a life that matters is obvious His work ethic and leadership skills are second to none but John has a problem He believes that he isnt enough He believes in order to make a difference he has to be who others want him to be John looks in the mirror and he doesnt recognize the person staring back at him On the outside John has it all He has professional success a loving and supportive wife wonderful children great friends a nice house two cars and a good living John has achieved the American dream but on the inside he feels hollow His heart sinks Is this what the rest of life would be like Is this all there is These questions will push prod and help John awaken to possibility It was in Johns moment of great victory and disillusionment when he started an involuntary quest toward relevance As John begins to look for his soul s source of meaning he sparks a fire It warms him at first and produces comfort but over time it gains strength and rages It leads to discomfort and challenge yet it burns away all the distractions and burdens that weigh him down The flames begin to consume the old John They burn all that was false unnecessary and vain As they close in and end the life that John thought he wanted something incredible was happening He begins to gain strength focus clarity and purpose A second chance emerges as John begins to take flight The flames no longer cause pain as they turn him into a phoenix It is now John becomes conscious of his Awakening and his mission to RISE Experience the highs and lows the desperation and the joy of Johns journey as he awakens from his sleep and he reveals the process of defeating disillusionment and reenergizing his life Walk alongside of John as he finds the secret to RISE and he lives a life that is true to his purpose In this story you will find key questions that can help you realize what really matters a system that can help you find your gifts and purpose a key to knowing when you are engaged in your purpose a path that can help you overcome disillusionment truths that are often forgotten in our busy lives the difference between existing and living

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